BACAS can put together teams to work on any kind of project in land resource utilization; conservation of the environment and agriculture, agro-industry and agro-business development and management. The teams are drawn from the pool of university staff and experienced associates from industry and other institutions. The specialists combine expertise in a given agricultural field with the business skill and long-term experience to acquire and interpret information in the form most useful to the client. The pool of experts is broad enough to allow BACAS to bring up a project from pre-feasibility to final evaluation.
BACAS works in the following areas:

  • Agricultural Land, Water Resources and Environment Management and Conservation
  • Agro-Industry and Food Processing
  • Computer Technology Application
  • Crop, Livestock and Horticulture Production Projects¬†
  • Project Executing Agency Development and Management
  • Development of Community and Farmer Support Services
  • Social and Sectoral Studies, Agribusiness Management, Policy Analysis, Feasibility studies, Project Appraisal and Evaluation, Agricultural Finance and Impact Assessment

We also provide service in:

  • Professional Development Training and Institutional Building
  • Entrepreneur Development Training
  • Contract Research

The services are available continually at all stages of the project cycle.
These include:

  1.  Feasibility Studies: BACAS provides expertise to undertake thorough analysis of proposed ventures. Depending on the nature of the venture, the analyses focus on a variety of aspects, including land suitability assessment, market research and evaluation for products, design of processes, equipment requirements, cost analysis and financial forecasting, etc.
  2. Project Analysis and Technical Evaluation: BACAS regards this as its area of highest comparative strength. This is because of the vast experience and capability in the area of collecting and analyzing new data and information. BACAS gathers information to gauge the fulfilment of project objectives at all stages from the design phase, implementation stage and during final evaluation. During the design phase it is important to have all the information so that required conceptualization of a project can be based on accurate perceptions. Surveys must be made during the implementation stage, to determine if the project is on track and if and how it must be reoriented. Evaluation entails the collection and interpretation of information and the determination of the extent to which a project has met its objectives. Normally these three functions will include technical, environmental, socio-economic and financial aspects.
  3. Project Planning and Operation: Once a project is found to be technically and environmentally sound and socially, economically and financially viable, proper planning and sound management is necessary to produce results and avoid losses on investment. BACAS provides experts to design implementation schedules for production and development of programmes and projects. To come up with workable designs, BACAS experts combine background training in the area of expertise, field experience, familiarity with local conditions, and integrity.
  4. Training and Institutional Building: BACAS assists organizations, enterprises and projects to make full use of human resources. Our strength is in the area of professional development training. Our objective is to increase the capability and confidence of the human resources in working with appropriate and modern agricultural technologies.
  5. Policy and Strategy Assessment & Development: Agriculture is a complex and interrelated field. To develop polices and strategies, government policy makers and planners require vast information on how the component parts work and interact. The overriding aim of our service in this area is to provide Government with a firm base of information and building blocks of facts for policy and development strategy decisions. BACAS can draw upon the pool of SUA experts to undertake rapid/participatory appraisal and impact assessment in undertaking studies. This is coupled with the capability for extensive review of existing written material.
  6. Contract Research: This is another area where BACAS may claim high comparative strength. Most projects or products require long protracted research and development. BACAS may undertake this type of research under direct contract with individual organisation in complete confidence. BACAS can draw on an experienced pool of researchers with professional background and experience in specialised fields of technical agriculture, rural and land resources development, agro-industry and agro-business.